Cindy Chang Reveals a Gorgeous Operatic Voice on 'America's Got Talent' (VIDEO)

All her life, 42-year old Cindy Chang has harbored a secret dream of being a singer. But, according to her audition on 'America's Got Talent' (Wed., 9PM ET on NBC), "My parents said no."
Well, nobody could possibly say no to her after she opened her mouth and let loose with one of the smoothest and most beautiful opera voices the show has ever seen. More polished than Jackie Evancho and we think more in control even than Susan Boyle's initial audition across the pond, Chang meekly and sweetly just put every other competitor on notice.
After she finished singing, she was instantly overwhelmed by the outcry of support and accolades sweeping over the stage, but she had earned every bit of it. Piers Morgan even gave her a rare standing ovation, with a single word critique, "Wow."


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