'Big Brother's' Kalia Booker: 'Trust nobody and lie to everyone'

One of "Big Brother's" new hamsters is Kalia (Kah-LEE-ah) Booker, a writer originally from Philadelphia. She tells us she has a relationship blog, but she writes under a pseudonym, so we don't know yet where her blog is on the 'net. If you flex your Google skills and figure it out, let us know!When asked why she wanted to do "Big Brother," Kalia tells us, "I'm so secure in myself, I'm extremely opinionated, I'm extremely argumentative, so it's kind of like ... almost perfect."She also adds, "I've watched 'Big Brother' since the very beginning and nothing pisses me off more than watching the show and vehemently yelling at the screen ... I would never be so naive to think that it's easy in there. I think that the biggest mistake people make is they get way too emotionally attached in there ... the smartest thing you could do is to walk in that house,...



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