SUITS “Errors and Omissions” Advance Review

SUITS "Errors and Omissions" Season 1 Episode 2 – When I visited the set of Suits a couple weeks ago, star Gabriel Macht (stay tuned for the interview with Gabriel coming to the site soon!) , as well as a few others in the cast and crew, mentioned that as much as we liked the pilot, we were going to love this second episode even more. They assured us that the partnership between Harvey and Mike was really going to deepen in this one and boy were they right. Instead of maybe taking things easy for a few episodes, easing us into Mike and Harvey’s relationship before there’s any sort of disagreement, this one dives right in and gives us a doozy.

While the first episode was mostly about Mike and what led to him walking through the doors to become Harvey’s associate. This episode gives us a lot more info on Harvey and we discover that though he is the consummate playboy, there are some lines that he won’t cross. But the sad thing is that he gets blamed for crossing them anyway, leaving him with an extremely tough choice to make. Meanwhile, Mike’s got a bit of a tough choice of his own and it might just end up ruining the trust he’s built with Harvey. Louis plays a big part in all this, doing his best to continually get between the two of them. Read More...


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