FRANKLIN & BASH “You Can’t Take it With You” Review

FRANKLIN & BASH "You Can’t Take it With You" Episode 5 – Jared gets a big case about his favorite game. Should be an easy one, right? Not so much. Turns out his dad is the opposing counsel and he’s got his work cut out for him, going after the old man. Those two do not have a good history together and when Jared’s client dies before they get to hear the final verdict, it looks like neither of them aregoing to win. But then Jared’s dad has the old guy dug up and it looks like he might win, until the old guy manages to pull a fast one.from the grave.

For those who were thinking this show was going to be nothing but a total laugh-fest, this episode should prove that there is some heart underneath all the humor. If you read a lot of my reviews you know there’s nothing I enjoy more than some good angst and I was pretty happy to get a nice dose of that tonight. Throw that in with some daddy issues and I’m a very happy viewer. I also like the fact that Jared and his dad didn’t really resolve anything by the time the episode was over, leaving plenty of room for Daddy Franklin to return and cause more trouble. Not only that but thanks to Peter, I now have my suspicions about the relationship between Jared’s mom and Infeld. Not that I’m necessarily on board with the idea of Infeld being Jared’s dad, but still, things could get very interesting there, too. Read More...


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