Another Version of Game of Thrones Coming in September

game of thronesWe're still about ten months out from seeing any new episodes of Game of Thrones. That's a very long time, and before long I'm sure we'll all be hungering for a dose of Westeros. I've managed to stay the withdrawals by reading the books (by the way, just finished book three this afternoon and I have to say, season three is going to be the best season of television ever). The books will keep me content until around August, I figure, especially since book five, A Dance with Dragons, is slated to hit shelves on July 12 (and those books are looong).

But even if Dragons does tide us all over, what happens then? There will be a long period of time where there's nothing new happening in theGame of Thrones universe, right? Right?


Bantam Books made my day today by announcing that there's going to be a comic book adaptation of the first book of the series, A Game of Thrones. That'll be the second adaptation the book has received in 2011, after the first season of the HBO show.

You read that right; we'll be getting the first issue of the comic book before the year is out -- in fact, the first issue will roll out in only three months, in September. Sporting cover artists Alex Ross and Mike S. Miller and illustrator Tommy Patterson, the comics already look promising. The comics will start hitting in September, and will then be followed by compilation volumes, published by Bantam. Read More...


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