Insidious - Review

Insidious, Patrick Wilson, ... | HAUNTED-HOUSE Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson terrified in Insidious

How did Insidious (2011, PG-13, 1 hr., 42 mins.) become a springtime sleeper hit, grossing $53 million off a $1.5 million budget? Credit the film's democratic mix of horror tones. A collaboration between the creators ofParanormal Activity and Saw, Insidious straddles the line between the former's suggestive freakiness and the latter's gory extravagance. There's a scare for everyone.

The setup is simple: A family moves into a new house. Spooky things start happening. Mom (Rose Byrne) hears an unknown gravelly voice on the baby monitor. Dad (Patrick Wilson) is tormented by strange visions. One of their children falls into a coma. A stringy-haired witchy woman in black occasionally appears outside the window. Conclusion: The place is haunted. So the family moves into another new home. That's when things really get weird. And even more terrifying. Read More...,,20506461,00.html


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