Review: 'Terri's' an Outsider-Nerd Story, but With Surprises Up Its Pit-Stained Sleeves


Lest you think that you’ve already seen every possible variation on the outsider-nerd story, "Terri" keeps plenty of surprises up its pit-stained sleeves.

Terri Thompson (Jacob Wysocki) has it tough — he’s an awkward, overweight high-school outsider (and wearing pajamas to class every day isn’t making him any less of a pariah) who’s saddled with taking care of his mentally ill uncle (Creed Bratton of "The Office"). 

Affable principal Mr. Fitzgerald (John C. Reilly) tells Terri that the weekly meetings they’re going to be having are special perks for "good-hearted" students, but Terri soon figures out -- based on who else gets these meetings -- that "good-hearted" is just the latest synonym for "special."

Fortunately, director Azazel Jacobs -- whose thoroughly unsentimental manchild comedy "Momma’s Man" makes him the anti-Apatow -- isn’t out to score cheap laughs or tears from his ungainly hero. Nor does he let Reilly walk away with the movie, even though several early scenes showcase Reilly’s hung-dog Everyman, using different ranges of his voice when he’s being the Tough Disciplinarian or the Authoritative Best Pal. Read More...


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