'Larry Crowne': So Flaccid It Seems Written by a Q-Tip

It’s a namby-pamby adjective, a lackluster word, one that conveys nothing more specific or more urgent than a sort of warm, all-approving glow.

"Larry Crowne," the new comedy that Tom Hanks has directed and co-written (with "My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s" Nia Vardalos), is … nice.

Too nice, in fact.

This is Hanks’ second try at directing a feature film, his first being 1996’s "That Thing You Do," in which he had only a supporting role. In "Larry Crowne," he puts himself front and center as the title character.

"That’s Crowne with an ‘E,’ " his character keeps telling people.

Larry, a friendly, convivial guy, is a retired Navy cook who has made a second career for himself as a sales clerk at a big box Walmart-ish store. When he’s called in by management, he figures he’s about to be named Employee of the Month for the 10th time. Read More...



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