'Burn Notice' 5.02 'Bloodlines' Recap and Review

This week, Michael's in the middle of a motorcycle pursuit through the Costa Rican jungle - but it turns out he's just chasing Fiona, who's enjoying their vacation. That is, until two Army guys arrive and tell Michael that he has a phone call waiting for him from Langley. Wow, these CIA guys do thus far always seem to call at inopportune times.

Some time later our hero is meeting Max at his "first official government gig," assigned to keep an eye on "valuable asset" Carson Huxley, a genius nuclear engineer who's rather fond of drinking. Yep, it's babysitting duty. At least before his shift starts, he has time to go with Fiona as she looks for a new place (being that her last one blew up). While they're there, Jesse calls Michael and arranges a post-haste meeting, sending him running again. "That man doesn't focus unless an international conspiracy is threatening to ruin his life," Fiona snarks when he's gone. Read More...



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