Top Moments: True Blood's Lost Year and Stewart Goes On the Offensive

Our top moments of the week:

15. Most Nauseating Puppy Love: Platinum Hit's lovebird hipsters Johnny and Jes get all warm and fuzzy when they learn their challenge is to write about love — you know, that crazy thing that makes people weak in the knees and apparently abuse the English language. "Not surprisingly, a lot of Jes on my mind," Johnny tells the camera. "And I think both of us have plenty of inspir-aysh to pull from." Gag.

14. Most Unusual Display of Masculinity:When an old picture surfaces of Teresa's husband, Joe, doing a split on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, he is eager to show he's a real man (?) and replicates the pose — albeit very slowly. Adding to the gender confusion, one of the other men quickly compliments Joe on being able to "spread easy." Aw, we guess now we know what attracted Teresa to Joe, right?

13. Baby Got Back Award: Out to prove her famous derriere is all natural, Kim Kardashian gets a butt X-ray on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The result: no implants. "I am so glad that I did this X-ray, just for the fact that my sisters annoyed me and were picking on me just to get at me and the whole world doubting me," she says. "This X-ray is, like, the best thing I ever could have done." Yeah, people, it's real and it's spectacular.

12. Best Burn: Covert Affairs' Auggie gets an overt promotion when Arthur offers him a tempting position that would require him to leave the spy world to be a public face of the CIA. Suspect about Arthur's true motives since he's under investigation, Auggie suggests it's all a PR tactic, as a blind guy would elicit sympathy: "You're in a public relations nightmare and I'm the feel-good hit of the summer." Diss and all, he accepts the promotion... for now.    Read More....


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