Review: 'Treme' closing out terrific second season

Sunday night's 90-minute "Treme" season 2 finale (9 p.m., HBO) is the series in a microcosm. There are times where it seems much longer than necessary for the stories that it's telling, but many more where the sense of atmosphere and joy is so great that the length becomes irrelevant. And every now and then, there's a moment that's incredibly powerful precisely because of the show's loose pace, which can seem relaxed to the point of catatonia if you're not invested.

Devoted viewers of the New Orleans-based drama have seen a few such moments already this season. For a year and a half, those viewers had watched jazz trumpeter Delmond Lambreaux (Rob Brown) try to find common ground with his stubborn, proud father Albert, a Mardi Gras Indian chief, and in turn they saw Albert refuse to budge even an inch. Then, a few episodes ago, Delmond - who had always scorned his father's traditions - revealed that he had been working on sewing a new piece for Albert's new Indian costume, and Albert responded with guarded praise for his craftsmanship. To someone watching casually, it may not have seemed like much, but to Delmond - and to everyone who'd been watching that relationship play out - it was everything, a little thing that hit like a ton of bricks because it had been traveling for so long to get there. Read More...


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