ROOKIE BLUE “Might Have Been” Review

ROOKIE BLUE "Might Have Been" Season 2 Episode 2 – A standard disturbance call at a night club abruptly turns into an undercover case for Gail and Andy as the rookies quite literally stumble onto a drug bust. Rookie Blue managed to avoid some tiresome clichés-neither Andy nor Gail, at any point during the investigation, had to strip down to underwear and bra, and they actually had to work undercover for a while instead of a one hour magical drug bust. Granted, there was a scene with Andy in a storeroom closet magically overhearing a crucial conversation, but this scene, which could have been terrible, was alleviated by some light humor when Andy finds herself trapped and forced to listen in on a quickie in the closet.

Meanwhile there was a side story with Gregory Smith’s character. Certain that a woman at the bar is in an abusive relationship, he goes out of his way to extend a hand only for it to backfire in his face when the woman comes into the police station the next day and accuses him of harassment. The writers seem to be very fond of Epstein’s character, particularly in his endless circle of attempts to be a noble hero, to "serve and protect" those he views are in peril. It’s a pity the resolution to this particular storyline-the woman’s boyfriend is arrested after giving her a shiner-was as simplistic as it was, since the idea of his noble intentions gone horribly awry was an interesting one to begin with. Read More...


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