LOVE BITES “Stand and Deliver” Review

LOVE BITES "Stand and Deliver" Season 1, Episode 5 – I didn’t really get the purpose of Simple Minds running through each segment or why this particular episode would be titled "Stand and Deliver" but there were a lot of things that didn’t really come together in this episode for me. That said, althoughLove Bites got off to a rocky start this week, it ended with what has become one of my favorite segments of the season so far.

I wasn’t impressed with the first segment, "There Goes My Hero." The writing was below average forLove Bites and there wasn’t much the actors could do to carry the weight of so much unnatural dialogue. The whole thing revolved around Sam who is still hung up on his ex, Prudence, who is dating Sam’s sports idol, Dante Evans. Dante is the stereotypical scumbag professional baseball player who can’t keep his hands off the restaurant hostess even while he is on a double date with his girlfriend’s ex and his dad. (Judd and Colleen happened to be eating dinner at the same restaurant. Judd is the luckiest guy on the planet when it comes to running into people he admires. Practically everywhere he goes, he’s introduced to someone he idolizes and, big surprise, he’s a big fan of Dante Evans.) Read More...


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