WILFRED “Trust” Review

WILFRED "Trust" Season 1 Episode 2 – On this week’s episode of WILFRED, Ryan and Wilfred run into the problem of Trust. Wilfred decides that Ryan isn’t loyal, and to prove his dog friend wrong, Ryan is a nice guy and let’s him swim on a "no dogs allowed" beach.

The loyalty ends though, when Ryan lies to Wilfred and tells him that he’s taking him to a movie when he in fact is taking him to get his teeth cleaned. Ryan is trying to impress Jenna and get her to like him, so he decides to sacrifice his loyalty to Wilfred to impress Jenna. Things go HORRIBLY wrong, and after a disastrous evening, Jenna leaves Ryan’s apartment and he’s left wondering how to make things better.

After a short, but helpful talk with Wilfred, Ryan knocks on Jenna’s door and says the first honest thing of the episode: "I’m awkward."

Oh, there hasn’t been a statement more true than that. Read More...



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