BURN NOTICE “Bloodlines” Review

BURN NOTICE "Bloodlines" Season 5 Episode 2 – This episode blew me away like one of Michael’s handy dandy little bombs. It started out as just your average run- of-the-mill Burn Notice episode, but turned into anything but. Michael and Fi are doing their hot little flirty thing (on motorcycles no less), Sam is being his usual funny self, and then Jesse comes long with a case to help some regular folks who are in trouble.

Now that Michael’s back in the fold with CIA, doing those odd jobs helping the little people aren’t as easy. So he stretches himself more thinly than normal and has to recruit Fi to help keep his official jobafloat while he helps with the Jesse with the unofficial one. Then, still needing more help, he also reluctantly allows his mother to lend a hand on the case. Madeline tells him she can handle it but then has to see first-hand what her son is like when he’s on a job. Read More...



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