Love Bites: What are the Keys to Love?

nbcBelieve it or not, we've just crossed the halfway point in Love Bites. I know, it seems like only yesterday the show debuted and now begins the slow and steady goodbye to a promising, fairly down-to-earth romantic comedy. Sigh.

But before we start picking out tombstones for the unfairly maligned NBC show, now seems like an appropriate time to look back on the previous 5 episodes to see just exactly what the show is trying to say (if anything) and if its message is getting lost in translation.

The first key to love seems to be a double threat of communication and honesty, which, coincidentally, are also the virtues that I deem most important in my own relationships. Through the first half of Love Bites, it seems that communication and honesty are regarded as things that, while sometimes painful, are necessary to be able to sustain a relationship. If you fail to stay properly in tune with your partner, though, things can get pretty dicey. Strangely enough, they permeate through most (if not all) of the stories we've seen in Love Bites; from Dante's cheating ways to Cassie's virginity lie to the strange dance that Jodie and Charlie do over banana bread, we see that if the lie is bad enough (Dante), a relationship may not be able to be saved, but strike up dialogue early enough and there may be hope yet. Even outgoing Annie can't seem to find the words to express her newfound feelings for Matt and if she can't, you know this honesty thing is tough. Tough but worth it. Read More...


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