THE GOOD GUYS ''Dan on the Run'' Review Episode 13

We finally meet the Savage of Savage and Stark in the Dan on the Run episode of THE GOOD GUYS when Dan is framed for a kidnapping and must go into hiding. 25 years ago, Dan and his old partner Frank Savage rescued the governor's son, Andy, who had been kidnapped. Now, little Andy is all grown up and hanging with some drug dealers Dan busted. Together they fake Andy's kidnapping and frame Dan.

Talk about a surreal West Wing reunion. Gary Cole is flat-out awesome as Frank Savage. If you've moved on, why are you still sporting that bitchin `stache? And that stache is indeed bitchin. We learn from Frank's wife (a hilarious Rachael Harris) there are side effects to being Dan's partner: I just don't want the old nightmares to start: the kicking, the screaming, the bedwetting. Frank is less than thrilled to see Dan at first. Who gave you the wuss bath? Once Dan pretends to take him hostage and gets him in the car, though comedy gold. Frank peels off the cardigan to display a vintage 70s shirt and off they roll. Love the unnecessary bar destruction and Look at the fancy jukebox. It looks more like a computer machine.

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