Friday Night Lights Review: "The March"

As amazing as it is to have Tim Riggins back, this isn't the Riggins that we know and love. Of course after spending time in prison for his brother's crime we can't expect him to be the same. In "The March" we see just how much it's changed him.

It must be difficult for Tim to come home and see Billy leading the life he wants, having a family, and being part of a team. The scene with the Lions on the lawn doing the war chant, was probably the only time he cracked a smile, yet it was still bittersweet.

It's also hard to see Billy let Becky spiral down the path of working at The Landing Strip when he begged him to watch over her. It's an odd love between Becky and Tim as she sees him romantically and he sees her as a little sister. Bottom line is that he cares, something that was very evident from the throwdown between the Riggins brothers in the parking lot. Read More...


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