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I think that there are some very critical people out their and there were comments made about the last episode of Mercy "I did kill you, didn't I", that I think were unfair.

First ok the thing with Veronica, Chris, and Mike is a sappy love triangle I will give you that, but my father had PTS "they called it shell shock back then though" and I want to say that the way they are portraying that is very real. A person with Severe PST can have very realistic visions of people they know who died and long conversations with them, and then be perfectly normal a minute later. I lived with this for 21 years of my life and it can really freak you out if you do not know that the person has PTS.

I was actually relived that they did not have her go out and do something really crazy, what they showed is far more likely than some sensationalist screaming and yelling or anything else. She had to deal with the stress over a span of time.

Now on Chloe's story I will agree that it was more entertaining that Veronica dealing with her PST. I also started watching the show for Michelle and do like her character best, but I think that all of the characters on the show are fairly well thought out.

The stuff between Sonia and Nick is very good it shows how crazy someone that love's someone can get, She was wrong to go to the rich son, but should nick forgive her or not, that is a very tough question that there is no right answer to. The real question is how much they love each other, or not.

Over all I thing the episode was well written and a good episode, I will say the "I have a Date" was better but I do think that this episode moved the overall story forward well.


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Mar 7, 2010 10:06PM EST

I actually liked it too...I was disappointed that they went back to the love triangle drama at the end but other than that I thought it was a good way to go after "I have a date"

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