'Treme' - 'Do Watcha Wanna': Home is where the funk is

"We coming home. All of us. You ain't gonna be who you are otherwise. I see it now." -LarryLarry is a wise, wise man. And that scene, like the Delmond/Albert scene from "Feels Like Rain," captured so much of what makes "Treme" great for all of us misfits who enjoy the musical interludes, who don't mind the lack of plot, and who are willing to be patient and sit through a lot of slow and/or dark moments so that the occasional well-earned ray of sunshine feels extra bright and beautiful. 

The show has spent two years detailing Larry's unhappiness with LaDonna keeping one foot in New Orleans and the other (reluctantly) in Baton Rouge, and detailing how the rape crushed her spirit and only emboldened Larry in his determination to get her to leave that wrecked city. So the moment when Larry finally recognizes that this ridiculous place is what his wife needs to be whole did a number on me that was every bit as effective, in its much happier way, as some of the darkest late-season moments on "The Wire" (or even "Treme" season 1). Such a great moment for those characters, and the two actors, and I loved that scene's final shot of LaDonna rushing into Larry's arms just as the elevator doors closed.  Read More...



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