'True Blood': Has Bill Gone Too Far?

While the premiere episode did its job to establish where everyone was after the one-year time jump, Episode 2 really expanded on its characters and their abilities. The biggest event, of course, would be the repercussions of Bill (Stephen Moyer) sending Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) to shut down Bon Temps’ witch coven.

Before we get to the much-anticipated Eric amnesia storyline, let’s quickly recap what else we learned.

Arlene’s baby isn’t right. As she had suspected, Arlene’s very adorable new son is much more of a handful than other babies. Not only does he keep her up all night, need to be fed and cleaned often, but also he can apparently give others pink eye at will – as he did to her in this episode. We imagine her paranoia that her baby has more in common with his father will grow… and she will pack some Visine in her purse just in case. Read More...



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