Recap: 'True Blood' - 'You Smell Like Dinner'

This may or may not be the episode where Jessica pops her shirt open. We’ve been seeing that promo for weeks now, and it would, indeed, be right nice if Jessica would just get to the shirt poppin’ already, but until then, we’re stuck with a scene involving a teenager licking Jason Stackhouse’s bloody head. You’ll remember from the season opener last week that the panther children of Sure Shot done clocked Jason, in his hade, to be exact, and locked him in a cooler. The teenager, feeling guilty, helps to free Jason, but not before Crystal’s squire busts in with a shotgun and threatens to bust a cap up Jason’s sorry ass. Stackhouse’s ass is quite a lucrative one for Alan Ball, and something tells us that the shotgun will not win.

Meanwhile, Sookie and Eric Northman are negotiating whether the Nordic vampire actually owns her blood, which "tastes like freedom," for the record. Eric reminds Sookie that she "needs protection" due to that mango-flavored blood of hers, and that Eric could supply that if she would just, you know, agree to be owned. We could think of more dire fates than that. Sookie, for whatever TV reason, disagrees. Read More...


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