The X in the File

I think it was a nice tribute to the X-Files to do this episode. I think the X-Files theme on the cell phone was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. It was a nice touch doing the postmortem in the closed hospital, very conspiracy theory, also nice touch arresting the UFO blogger, I also liked the line from booth about the most important UFO blogger. Now the body rising up and Bones screaming and Booth pulling his guy was really funny, the gun flying to the magnet was classic, and him and Bones agreeing to not say anything was perfect. Now the ideal that someone killed someone with a toy gun and a ball bearing was great. Some off those old toy guns were really quite powerful.

As to the by play between Hodges, Wendell, and Angela, well I guess I kind of hope that Angela and Hodges will get back together someday. I liked the fact that Wendell insisted on telling Hodges himself and not letting Angela do it. I also think the shot of Hodges outside the bar was great.


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