FALLING SKIES “Grace” Review

FALLING SKIES "Grace" Season 1, Episode 4 – I got an advance look at the fourth episode of FallingSkies where Tom and his crew are sent on a mission to retrieve motorcycles at Pope’s suggestion while Annie and Michael continue to investigate the captive Skitter.

The mission to pick up the motorcycles provides the nail biting action that Falling Skies is really good at, but it doesn’t do too much in the way of character development or even plot progress. I’ve begun to worry that Falling Skies might fall into a formulaic video game pattern where the ultimate goal of saving Tom’s son, Ben, is constantly sidestepped by missions to gain cooperation and gather necessary supplies. I bought it for the first few episodes, but I’m starting to wonder why Tom just doesn’t go AWOL in a desperate move to save his son. In general, Tom seems rather calm and collected considering that the Skitters have no known reason to keep his son safe and the odds of Ben staying alive decrease as the hours pass. Read More...



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