Basketball Wives: Season Three...So Far

cableUnfortunately for fans of crumbling friendships, delicious smacktalk, and the Miami sunshine,Basketball Wives is on a one week hiatus this week for Independence Day. Due to the U.S. government’s heinous disregard for my need for weekly trashy reality shows (I kid; save your hate mail), I thought we’d take a look back at the previous five episodes to catch up on the constantly shifting social dynamics of "the circle" and see if we can’t prognosticate the rest of the season.

Meeka: When we first met Meeka, she seemed like a slightly nervous but mostly well-intentioned motormouth who just wanted to get on the good side of as many people as she could. It wasn’t a horrible idea, as we know how rough some of these ladies can be if you get on their bad side, but eventually, Meeka got in on the mudslinging just like everybody else. Initially, I kind of thought she would be good company for Suzie in the neutral zone, but with Meeka’s prejudice against Royce’s occupation, her constant need to poke the sleeping bear that is Tami Roman, and the obvious search for acceptance, it seems that Meeka’s pretty much alienated at least half of the girls already. What’s ironic is the same people she’s trying so hard to impress were giggling about her behind her back to her "arch nemesis". Will she find an ally during the rest of the season? Read More...


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