Trauma Deserves more Respect

I think Trauma deserves more respect than it gets. I think the show has developed well and the characters are growing into a very good ensemble cast. I think that the show is well written and is showing a lot of promise.

Take the latest episode "Targets" the plot was good, the acting believable and the twist well timed. You had the married man's wife worrying about him, and his inability to leave his partners in a lurch. You hand the two partners learning that after all the time they had been to gather there was still something to learn. You had the new lovers that found out that love is not all roses and rainbows, and that everyone has a past. You had the crazy sniper that was targeting law enforcement; he was creating scenes to get as many of them together as he could. You had the "crazy guy" doing something that was very in character and very stupid at the same time. I think the touch of the cops saying that the sniper was already dead was very realistic of human nature, and Nancy saying that if the let him die they are no better than him was a good counter point. The ending with the captain and Rabbit was as poetic as you could get and just as heart warming as it should have been.

I hope they give Trauma a second season, the show has great potential.


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Mar 30, 2010 10:18PM EDT

I'm an EMT and work on an ambulance. I love this show! I truly hope they keep it around.

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