WEEDS “From Truth Cometh Something” Review

WEEDS "From Drama Cometh Something" Season 7 Episode 2 – Whilst there was some development of a kind in this episode, the slow pace was less savoury than it was boring and although there was a lot to enjoy, this episode ultimately felt like a filler.

Which is weird, because a lot happened. Nancy met her cellmate’s brother and offered to exchange the suitcase of weapons with a few pounds of weed. Silas, Shane and co. made their way to the halfhouse to greet Nancy after three years. Of course Nancy fled the scene, as Nancy does, much more comfortable with arms dealers and criminals than she is with her own family.

Mary Louise Parker’s performance is befuddling and captivating. She plays Nancy as an outwardly loopy weak airhead, whose flashes of steely brilliance register only in her actions. Read More...



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Dec 15, 2012 11:41AM EST

Wow so season 7 the bot-wins will be in the big apple will they be swallowed up and why does Nancy need to self destruct with the Russian mob. what happens to her 3rd son Stevie? Doug needs to be there with comic relief. Silas is half bot-win will that be addressed between him and Nancy the fact his sperm daddy is Lars and not Judah did Judah know all along he was the only blonde in a family of brown hair people.

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