THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER “One Foot Out The Door” Season 4 Episode 4 – Oh ye gallant men, putting up with we feckless females! In The Secret Life of the AmericanTeenager, a show which I would hazard to guess has a predominantly female, preteen audience, the women are shown as neurotic desperate dependants whinging and plotting whilst the men hopelessly struggle to maintain some equilibrium of happiness. It’s frustrating and insulting and stupid.

Adrian’s dawning realization that Ben, now a bona fide jackass, no longer wants to be with her leads her to the conclusion that he can, somehow, be roped in to staying with her-forget loving her-if she spreads her legs and gets ploughed like a vegetable patch. It’s like the suffrage movement never happened, like the Women’s Rights movement were all a hoax. This is a 19th century show in a 21st century setting. It’s insipid to the point of misogyny. Not that such a plot cannot happen – it can. Glee did it with Terri Schuester and although she was the weakest link in that show’s first season, Will’s discovery of her scheming almost made the whole thing worth it. But it is a testimony to how bad this show is that they would use every single story arc in one episode to show the reluctant nobility of the male characters as they deal with the fickle females. Read More...

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