SWITCHED AT BIRTH “Dogs Playing Poker” Review

SWITCHED AT BIRTH "Dogs Playing Poker" Season 1 Episode 5 - Having some "fun" is the goal of the night; and sex-crazy and poker-playing vices come to light. The Kennish kids are keeping secrets and playing games. Too bad their games are not something they should partake in and are basically immoral. On the positive side, "Dogs Playing Poker" tones down the us versus them mentality, making the distinction between hearing and deaf less prevalent in tonight’s episode ofSWITCHED AT BIRTH. Yes, there is the insensitive newspaper article, stereotyping deafness as a handicap to adjust to and overcome, as well as the introduction to diversity before the poker game; but conversations and scenes with Daphne and Emmett are less obvious and less formal than in past episodes. They are more incorporated into the flow of the whole episode.

Bay and Toby are both very irritating in tonight’s Switched at Birth. Really pushy and acting like spoiled brats. Bay redeems herself in the end, but Toby remains a gambling schmuck. (Is poker gambling?) I’m glad that Bay and Daphne have reconciled. Read More...



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