Rental Magica Season 1 Review

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Rental Magic is a twenty-six episode series adapted from the light novels by Makoto Sanda that as of this writing is still seeing serialization. The anime series is one that's been done in an interesting way as when it was broadcast in Japan, only five of the episodes are considered in order in how they're presented. Like the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, there's both a broadcast order and a chronological order. This gives the viewer two very distinct experiences since there are twenty-six episodes in total and they're in a hodgepodge of sorts when it comes to how you look at it. For our viewing experience, and hopefully for a bit of ease in understanding it, we watched this in the chronological order. So if you watch it in broadcast order, you may have a very different view as you tease out the details and mysteries.

Rental Magica takes place in the present world but one where there is a fair bit of magic to be found and it's not hidden underground. The series revolves around a high school student named Itsuki Iba who has found himself in the position of being president of a company that rents out mages for various assignments. The company, called Astral, is a family business and belonged to his father before his untimely death. There are other who have felt they would be better suited for taking over the company, but without knowing it Itsuki has been granted a temporary trial period through which to run the business. Itsuki is the epitome of the good guy in that he's friendly, gets along well with everyone and has that natural charm and ability to bring people together and to him.

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