'White Collar' 3.05 'Veiled Threat' Review

Hello again, White Collar! Apologies for cheating on you with The Voice, but I'm back now and I'm glad to see you haven't missed me too much. "Veiled Threat" isn't the best episode, but it has glimmers of greatness inside of it.

This week's premise is rife with possibilities: Neal, Peter and Jones go undercover at a bachelor auction to lure in a suspected "black widow" named Selena (played by Madchen Amick, who will always be the spouse from Viva Laughlin to me). While this makes Sara bring up that she and Neal have never been on a "real date," Elizabeth is more amused and tries to boost Peter's self-esteem - highlighting the difference between a casual relationship and years of secure marriage. One of the highlights of the episode for me is that Peter relies on Elizabeth to get him through the case, and she doesn't turn into a shrew (although she is understandably concerned and irritated in the appropriate places); they have a real and mature relationship that doesn't change just because it would be more entertaining. And who else got teary-eyed seeing Peter propose to El a second time at episode's end? Read More...



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