Omamori Himari Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Neko to Shoujo to Arerugii

The Story

Many years ago, the family of Yuto Amakawa served as demon slayers that protected humans. After one member of the family spared one of those demons, that demon's family swears to protect the Amakawa family for eternity. In the present, the Amakawa family is down to just the newly turned sixteen year old Yuto. Having lost his family seven years earlier, he has had no one but his best friend and a protective charm given to him by his late grandmother to take care of him. On his sixteenth birthday, that charm loses its power and vengeful demons come after him. Luckily, a new cat girl demon named Himari has come to protect Yuto in place of the now wilted charm.

Good and the Bad

I have nothing against moe and actually have a pretty strong track record of enjoyment. After only one episode though, I've already begun doubting that this is going to stand out as one of the best this season. The first episode of Omamori Himari isn't bad by any real stretch. The animation looks fairly standard for the first episode, the fan service is plentiful and the writing is humorous enough though it doesn't stretch any new boundaries.

And boiling it down, that's precisely what the issue with this opening is: it's boring. Everything in this episode happens and plays out pretty much exactly as you expect: hapless hero enters, best friend character wakes him up, new female enters, cat fights ensue. It's the same tried and true formula that has gotten so many studios through earlier seasons.

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