Rebecca Earns a Medal for Shooting a Spider in the Shower on 'Combat Hospital' (VIDEO)

On the surface, it seems like the team is trying to make Rebecca feel like more a part of the group on 'Combat Hospital' (Tue., 10PM ET on ABC), but she's simply not allowing them in emotionally. We thought their reaction to the spider incident was hilariously appropriate.
Rebecca started what turned out to be a pretty tough day by discovering an enormous spider in the shower with her. So, rather than run out of the room, or simply getting away from it, she simply pulled out a gun and shot it. In a war zone.
So it wasn't the smartest move, but in her defense the spider was pretty impressive and intimidating. Still, she didn't look too amused by the ribbing she got -- a full medal ceremony and a genuine Spider Combat Action Ribbon. If we'd killed that spider, we'd wear that medal with pride!


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