'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Blind Dates'

Forget Ian. Forget A. The most mysterious figure on "Pretty Little Liars" is Aria's frequently missing little brother Mike. What plot purpose does he serve besides luring Aria to shirtless pick-up games where a bare-chested Jason DiLaurentis can lament her formerly pink hair? (And really, ABC Family? A basketball montage? Stick with what you know.)

Of course, MIA Mike wasn't the only person, place or thing in Rosewood doing a disappearing act. When Spencer returned to the pawn shop to reclaim her sister's ring she stole to fund Toby's new/old truck, all the broker had to give her was a rusty horseshoe, which really isn't a fetching accessory unless you're a Clydesdale. But good ol' A knew where it was, texting, "Just my luck, diamonds are a girl's best friend." Read More...



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