MEMPHIS BEAT “Flesh and Blood” Review

MEMPHIS BEAT "Flesh and Blood" Season 2 Episode 4 – It occurred to me as I watched this episodethat for a show about cops, Memphis Beat doesn’t always focus on catching "bad people." More often than not, Dwight and the rest of the team are out to help the people who are victims of crimes or get involved in something way over their heads.

Take the case of a nun whose father is willing to sell her sister’s baby. This girl does everything she can to take on the problems of everyone around her; even going so far as to pretend to be the baby’s mother at first. Heck, she even tried to protect her father, the man that was threatening both her and her sister. Luckily Dwight comes to her rescue and takes some of the burden off of her shoulders, allowing her to go back to her life’s work, and reuniting a young family.


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