LUTHER “Season 2 Episode 4? Review

LUTHER "Season 2 Episode 4? – The second season of Luther showed that you can still have a clever, dark police procedural without being dull and pretentious. I used the word clever and not the word smart intentionally. It was clever for Neil Cross (the writer and creator of the show) to use the Gideon’s Bible as the key to unlock the code between the terror twins Nicholas and Robert, without getting too bogged down in how it works. Most people interested in mysteries or tales of espionage know how code keys work, and Cross trusts that those who don’t can either look it up or glance over the detail. The detective work done on this show has been solid in comparison to the vast majority of police shows in the US.

This could have very easily been a repeat of last week’s episode insofar as the twin was concerned, but the ending was tense if not entirely scary (they never blow up, do they?) and the showdown between Luther and the psycho twin was unpredictable-not so much in the outcome-which, if you ask me, is the trouble with having the main character’s name in the title of the show-but I genuinely had no idea how Luther would gain the upper hand. Read More...


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