WHITE COLLAR “Veiled Threat” Review

WHITE COLLAR "Veiled Threat" Season 3 Episode 5 – Peter has already proven that he’s got the moves to woo a woman while undercover. Plus we already know he’s a badass FBI agent. But still, when he gets assigned to go undercover to date a woman who apparently keeps killing off her husbands, I couldn’t help but to feel a bit nervous.

Then again, I wasn’t sure after a while if I should be more scared of the black widow lady or of Elizabeth, as she got more and more annoyed with her husband. One date was bad enough but then it turned into two, then a proposal AND a bachelor party. Sure it was all fake, but still, I think Elizabeth was kind of a saint to put up with all that. Not to mention the fact that she volunteered to do a meeting as a wedding planner..for her husband. Awkward? Nah. Read More...



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