Bleach Season 14 Episode 257 Review: A New Enemy! The True Nature of the Sword Beasts

Shortly after Ichigo has his first run-in with a Sword Beast in the real world, Hitsugaya arrives and fills him in on what's going on. Rangiku and Haineko have come as well, but those two spend most of their time goofing off with Inoue. Meanwhile, in Soul Society, Sode no Shirayuki explains to Rukia that Kurotsuchi had restored her after she got broken during the previous incident. Kurotsuchi was also the one who returned the other Zanpakutou to normal, and he's now working on this new case. Back in the real world, the Sword Beast that escaped from Ichigo and Hitsugaya has been consumed and become fused with a Hollow, making it even stronger. When it attacks the girls, Ichigo has to save Haineko from it, and he then has to withstand a massive Cero. Fortunately, Hitsugaya helps out and defeats the creature, and afterward, the group acknowledges the new threat.

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