'Love in the Wild': Ben is 'a wife beater with his words' - yep


So if you're anything like us, last week's lack of drama, tears and gnashing of teeth left us a little disappointed in "Love in the Wild." But the latest episode restores our faith.Ben keeps insisting it takes a "special kind of person" to like him long term and that some people think he's "the biggest d*** they ever met." Uh, yeah. 'Cause you kinda are and can't read a room. Meanwhile, Erica is not elated that Miles went with Heather instead of staying with her.The Adventure DateThere are a series of bridges suspended in the air and there is no map, plus they'll be tethered to each other and will have to collect a new tether at each bridge. Right off the bat, Ben/Brandee can't figure anything out and Ben's getting short with her. He says he's interested in seeing how she reacts to his "competitive nature." Uh, has it ever occurred to you, dude,...



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