'Men of a Certain Age': Big finish

Men of a Certain Age wrapped up its season on Wednesday night with a wonderful episode that paid off on each of the three guys’ subplots, while sustaining its best trait: Offering a convincing comic dramatization of the idea that in life, things rarely pay off the way they do in TV shows.

The season had been building toward whether or not Ray Romano’s Joe was going to qualify for the senior golf tournament. Joe’s lurching efforts to accomplish this have yielded some of Men‘s best moments. As with most guys in his position, he’s been ambivalent about it, fearful of his waning powers (of strength, of concentration). And then there’s also the little detail that he’s a gambling addict who’s distracted by the temptations and dangers being thrown his way as he helps out his cancer-stricken bookie. (And what a terrific performance Jon Manfrelotti has been turning in as Manfro. Manfrelotti is one of Romano’s Everybody Loves Raymond alumni, but he’s also made scores of episodic-TV appearances, and he nails the tough-but-smart-guy role every time.) Read More...



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