'Deadwood' Rewind: Season 1, Episode 6: 'Plague' (Veterans edition)

We're continuing our trip back through the first season of David Milch's epic revisionist Western"Deadwood," and we're continuing to do it with two separate but largely identical posts: one for people who watched the whole series and want to be able to discuss it from beginning to end, and one for people who are just starting out and don't want to be spoiled with discussion that goes past the current episode. This is the former; click here for the newbie-safe version. 

A review of episode 6, "Plague," coming up just as soon as I prescribe the malingerer a can of peaches...

"We should do something together - us and several others." -Al

If "The Trial of Jack McCall" was the series' thesis statement, then "Plague" is the thesis being put into action. It's crisis time in Deadwood, and rather than spend time arguing over territory, responsibility and blame, Al and (with a bit more reluctance) Cy recognize that this is an issue bigger than profit and loss, and that they need to bring together all of Deadwood's most influential citizens to figure out how to fight this thing. This is the foot, and the hand, and the eyes, and all the body's other parts coming together for one action: to combat a problem so big that Calamity Jane will be working towards the same goal as Al Swearengen (even if she'll curse his name frequently along the way), so big that whatever tensions and beefs have existed between every character are put aside until the epidemic burns itself out.  Read More...



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