STATE OF GEORGIA “Flavor of the Week” Review

STATE OF GEORGIA "Flavor of the Week" Season 1, Episode 2 – This week’s episode of State of Georgia had Jo delirious with joy after finding a yogurt shop that sold soft serve suitable enough for her delicate digestive tract. Unfortunately for Jo, Georgia found a yogurt shop attendant that she just couldn’t resist which made Jo’s time with her beloved frozen yogurt short lived.

I enjoyed the back story that Jo offered about Georgia’s history of impeding their access to delicious food via her short lived romances. Learning about their history before the move to New York helped me understand their friendship. The whole fist-bump gag with the yogurt shop guy ran on a little longer than I would have liked (especially since I didn’t think it was very funny to begin with) but the accidental phone call and texting scene made up for it. Read More...


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