Pretty Little Liars: Has 'A' Gone Lethal?!!?

pretty little liarsWhat the hell happened on my TV screen last night?

Pretty Little Liars came at the audience with one reveal that will have folks talking till next week, and possibly even longer than that. First, it was 'confirmed' by Wren that Ian was alive and limping through the woods around Rosewood, living off the meds provided by Melissa and a slightly reluctant Wren through his job as a doctor. Why was Wren helping out his ex and her husband? Well apparently, he was feeling guilty about Melissa running back to Ian. Even if a specialist was brought in to break down to me how that excuse makes sense, I would still cry B.S. when the lecture was done.

Then after getting verification on Ian's whereabouts, PLL yanked the rug from under us by revealing that Ian is dead, effectively taking the guy off my suspects list and unleashing a crap load of new questions in the process that I'm dying to be answered. But first, let's tackle the individual stories of the night. Read More....


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