Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 35: A Great Turnabout For Goku?! Recap

So after Vegeta destroys Jeice, he goes straight on to Ginyu (in Goku's body). Then just as he's about to make his final move, Ginyu decides to change bodies with him. Well, at least he tries. Goku realizes this and he goes flying out in the nick of time, he's able to switch back. Now that Ginyu's back in his original body, damaged, it's going to be even easier for Vegeta. However, this is all a part of Ginyu's plan. Just as Vegeta's about to destroy him, he attempts to change bodies again. This time, Goku throws a frog in the general direction. At the last second, the beam and frog collide and that's pretty much the end of Ginyu. The body of Ginyu is only a frog and it runs away. All that's left is Ginyu in a frog's body. Vegeta's about to step on it, when Goku tells him to not bother, he can't even do anything now. It's so bad that even Vegeta feels sorry for him and let's him go. Because Vegeta gave it his all when Ginyu was in Goku's body, Goku is quite damaged. Vegeta tells Krillin and Gohan to bring Goku inside the ship and in to a recovery capsule. Meanwhile, Frieza has almost Nail defeated and is still trying to convince Nail to tell him the words to release Shenron then Nail reveals to him that this fight was only to waste time so that Dende is able to get to the Earthlings. Frieza is now pissed and is headed straight for them. Krillin decides to head over Guru's place to find out how to get Shenron out. As he's heading out there, he meets up with Dende, who happens to be heading their way to tell them how to get Shenron out. So they head back to where Gohan and Vegeta are. Vegeta tells Gohan that he hasn't slept in a while so he's going to take a nap. Krillin and Dende get to where Gohan is and they decide to sneak the Dragon Balls to a place a little bit farther than the ship so that they can grant all the wishes before getting caught by Vegeta. They also sense Frieza headed their way so they don't have a lot of time. Dende releases Shenron (but we know it's Porunga, right?) and the boys are about to make their wishes!

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