'Zookeeper': Because Who Doesn't Love Lame Rom-Coms and Talking Animals?

"Zookeeper" is arguably one of the better products of the Adam Sandler Death of Cinema Fun Factory -- but that’s an accomplishment somewhere on par with "Least Smelly Turd."

Still, this jumbled fusion of CG talking-animal movie for kiddies and moronic rom-com for undemanding adults winds up being not entirely a fiasco, thanks mostly to the heroic contributions of Nick Nolte (as a gorilla) and Rosario Dawson.

Kevin James — who kind of already made this movie, only it was called "Hitch," and he was getting romantic advice from Will Smith rather than lions, bears, and wolves — plays zookeeper Griffin Keyes, who’s still smarting over being rejected by Stephanie (Leslie Bibb) five years earlier when he proposed to her on a beach. ("Just ignore them," he tells her, regarding the hired mariachi band and the fireworks, as they sadly trudge home on horseback.) Read More...



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