'Burn Notice' 5.03 'Mind Games' Recap and Review

It's only fitting that since last week featured Michael's awesome mom Madeline, this week's Burn Noticebrings back his wayward brother Nate (played oh so well by Seth Peterson)...and his new baby Charlie.

The rest of the family Westen has moved back to Miami, and Nate thinks Michael should turn the Charger into a "spymobile," but Mike is not amused. In fact, he's picked up on the fact that Nate's wife is conspiciously absent. Caught out, Nate admits to his older brother that Vegas didn't exactly agree with him, and he needs his family's help to "stay straight." Normally, these ne'er do well characters are so one-dimensional, but in Nate's case we know him well enough for me to hope that he really does keep himself together.

Michael leaves to meet Fiona, who believes he needs a paper shredder to dispatch of all his baggage - at least the documentation thereof. He would argue with her, but he's convinced they're being followed. As it turns out, the guy he grabs is just a poor sap out with his young daughter. Whoops. It becomes clear quickly that our hero might be cracking: he's not sleeping well either. Even the badass Michael Westen has his vulnerable moments. Read More...



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