'Big Brother 13' Premiere: Old Couples and New Twists Enter the House

Welcome back, voyeurs, to the ultimate summer obsession: Big Brother 13! I'm not ashamed to admit that I get painfully over-involved in this show, following along with what's going on with the live feeds, watching Big Brother: After Dark for three hours every single night on Showtime 2 and becoming unhealthily attached to/angry at the houseguests.

The twists for Big Brother 13 are fast and furious. Not only do three past pairs return, but everyone will be playing the game as a pair, and the HoH will nominate just one pair, and those two individuals will campaign against each other for votes.

You might think that causes a big problem, because then one person won't be in a pair. That's right, but in another huge twist, the person who doesn't get evicted for the first four weeks automatically gets to stay until the Top 10 and won't have to compete in challenges or be at risk of getting nominated. Now that is just brilliant. Read More...



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