For Getting Ryan in Trouble, 'Wilfred' Is Tortured With a Laser Pointer (VIDEO)

Once again, 'Wilfred' (Thu., 10PM ET on FX) was able to find huge laughs by having Wilfred respond and act like a dog. And, in Ryan's defense this week, Wilfred did kind of deserve to be punished.
He did drop Ryan's wallet outside Spencer's house after they'd broken in, stolen weed and even pooped in his shoe. He says he's trying to help Ryan stand up for himself and find a spine, but instead it led to a very awkward friendship revolving around pornography, strip clubs and trying to keep Wilfred from blowing the secret.
So Ryan let Spencer have a little fun torturing Wilfred with a laser pointer. Just as we're entertained by dogs and cats trying to figure them out, 'Wilfred' made it even funnier by putting a voice to the animal's confusion.


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