Jeff Tries to Fake a Foot Fetish For His Girlfriend on 'Love Bites' (VIDEO)

It's actually kind of surprising that no one seems willing to give 'Love Bites' (Thu., 10PM ET on NBC) a chance. It premiered with 2.64 million viewers and has since dropped below 2 million, which means most viewers don't even know what a fun little romantic comedy NBC is giving us each week.
It's just the kind of light summer fare that usually thrives, or is it that we don't like our light shows without crimes to solve or patients to save. Either way, we're at least enjoying the creative blend of anthology and ongoing narrative with cleverly interweaving plotlines tying everything together.
This week opened with a couple where it's revealed that the woman, Bridget, has a fetish for men in uniform. To help her feel less weird about it, her boyfriend Jeff pretends to have a foot fetish. Only then he had to actually try to fetish her feet, as he put it.


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