Naruto Shippuden Season 1 Episode 6 Mission Cleared Episode Recap

As Sunagakure makes its preparations to go into battle and evacuates its civilians, the everlasting battle between Gaara and Deidara goes on. Deidara creates his "Ultimate Weapon", a giant clay bomb, and drops it onto the Village. In the mean time, back in Konoha, Naruto finally visits Ichiraku again, after years of practice, and orders some ramen, just when Iruka joins them and offers to pay for him as his treat.

Back in Suna, Deidara activates the bomb to cause a massive explosion that seems to be the end of the village. But Gaara quickly manages to rapidly move a load of desert sand above the village, covering it and deflecting the explosion and thus saving the village. He is distracted for a moment, and Deidara takes his chance to activate a bird-like clay bomb in front of Gaara's face, leaving all watching the battle in great shock. But as the smoke recedes, it appears that Gaara managed to protect himself in a nick of time. The Sand shinobi decide its time to strike back, and start preparing an attack. Gaara then discovers tiny clay-bomb ants in his protective sand. Gaara used the sand to crush one of Deidara's arms in combat. Deidara then managed to sneak some ants into the sand around his hand. Deidara activates the clay bomb ants and blows up the shell of protective sand around Gaara.

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